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Camel Milk Skincare
Why You Need to Try It!

Milk is the first thing we eat as newborn babies whether it's natural breast milk or formula that is meant to mimic the essential nutritional value of breast milk. This is something that is common not only among humans, but also animals. While all milk contains essential vitamins and nutrients, not all milk is created equal.  


Among all the different types of milk, camel milk is the closest to human breast milk, making it one of the most compatible for humans and composed of ideal nutrients for humans.  Camel milk has high levels of minerals, lipids, vitamins, proteins, and moisture which are the 5 essential elements needed for optimal skin health. 


And did you know the antibodies(also a type of protein) found in camel milk is effective in fighting off infections and inflammation?  That's great for acne-fighting benefits.  Due to the nature of camels that live in hot temperatures, these proteins found in camel milk are also able to withstand higher temperatures and higher acidity unlike proteins found in other milks. 

Also for those fitness-conscious people, camel milk flaunts higher iron and vitamins than cow's milk but lower in fat! 

Seriously, how amazing is camel's milk?!


If you are looking for something that will soften, soothe, nourish and hydrate your skin, add some camel milk skincare products to your daily regiment.  It will definitely help boost an infinite, supple glow without the worry or concern of breaking out! 

Try out some popular camel milk products from the Neogen Code9 brand below!  Experience why this milk has been used as one of the most adorned skincare ingredients in the middle east and Cleopatra incorporated it into her regular beauty routines to maintain that beauty that caused an empire to fall!