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Real Flower Cleansing Water Rose

Are you still on the fence of whether or not you should try our Real Flower Cleansing Water in Rose? I will tell you 6 reasons why you’ll LOVE it!

  The Real Flower Cleansing Water in Rose was one of the products I was most excited about at the beginning of my 14-day Skincare challenge. As a newbie to skincare, I wanted to make sure the products I used didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. The natural look and feel of the cleanser made me feel very confident about trying it, and it didn’t disappoint!

Are you wondering what’s SO great about it? Wonder no more!

  1. It has REAL rose petals mixed in the cleanser! Why is this awesome? Well it's awesome because Rose petals have been used since the ancient times for its moisturizing benefits that promote healthy and glowing skin. No wonder why Cleopatra had such a great skin!
  2. It is a best-in-class cleanser that also provides the function of skin toning while removing makeup and impurities!
  3. EASY AND QUICK. No need to rinse off. (Great for those lazy days)
  4. It penetrates deep into the pores without causing irritation while ensuring removal of fine dust, base makeup and even sunscreen.
  5. It has a light and all-natural rose scent that you can’t get enough of while feeling great on the skin.
  6. The result? A fresh, clean finish that instantly calms and hydrates your skin.

This product was everything I expected.  I was able to achieve all my desired cleansing benefits that left my skin hydrated, soft and refreshed.  And ultimately, it was very easy to incorporate into my daily routine since I got tons of benefits from one single product!

And if you don’t believe me, just check out Glamour Magazine!  This cleansing water was chosen as the 2016 Glamour Beauty Award Winner!

No wonder why the Glamour Beauty Award judges chose it as a winner!