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5 Skincare Resolutions To Keep In Mind in 2021

By: Carolina Malis


2020 is finally over… can you believe we’re finally able to say that sentence?

Last year put our patience, inner-strength, and mental health to the test, but thankfully we cans ay we made it through in one piece… kinda.


If there’s something we learned is we never know what’s coming upon us, reason why this year our resolutions are focused on taking care of ourselves and taking small steps instead of going all out for new adventures.


2020 got us spending time in our homes as we've never done it before, AKA our lifestyle choices and daily activities changed a lot, which for most of us translated into our skin acting up or simply not finding a way to stay calm under these new circumstances. While very unsettling, this crisis also gave us the chance to listen to our skin as we’ve never heard it before, which led people from all around the world to take their skincare into their own hands by learning exactly what it needed.


Now that we’re there, and with a full new year ahead of us, there are some skincare resolutions we thought you could add to your list in order to keep improving your self-care plans.

Don't overdo it


Yes, we love skincareproducts and there’s nothing like opening up a new serum or starting a brandnew moisturizer, but in skincare less sometimes can be more. We’re all in formultiple-step routines, but in order to do so, you first need to check whatyour skin can handle. Make sure to cleanse, tone, moisturize and protect fromUV rays; once you have those covered you can start adding up and customize yourroutine, but don’t cave in to the social media pressure of owning every single newproduct out there.


Your skin is unique


What works for you notnecessarily work for everyone. With social media taking a big part in learningabout new formulas, brands, and products, we get disappointed when we trysomething our favorite influencers recommended that doesn't work for us. Youand another person can have the exact same skin type and even some of the samestruggles and even then you may need completely different routines.


Keep an eye on theingredients that work for you, discover your skin sensitivities and needs, anddon’t feel bad if something you were hyping just didn't do it for you. Trialand error is a big part of building the perfect skincare routine for yourself.


Switch-up your pillowcases


Your pillow probably looks veryclean and inviting when you look at it, but the fact is, a plethora ofbacteria, dirt, and oils are trapped inside. When those things are transmittedfrom your face and environment to your pillow, and then back onto your face, itclogs your pores resulting in breakouts. That’s why changing your pillowcasesregularly - ideally every 2-3 days or at least once a week - is a must in orderto keep your skin at its best.

Wear sunscreen indoors


At first sight, it lookslike we still have months ahead of sending most of our time at home, but beingindoors doesn't mean we don’t need to protect our skin from the damagingeffects of UV rays.


UVA and UVB rays can’t beseen by the human eye but believe me, they ARE there, and nope, windows andglass aren’t able to stop them from reaching you, and that’s why wearingsunscreen is a must even if you’re not leaving your house at all. To make iteven simpler: is it daytime? Do you have windows in your house? Then the answeris YES, you need sunscreen!


Cleanse your face every night!


Because of COVID we’redoing most of our lives at home and wearing masks whenever we go out, reasonwhy there's a big chance you're wearing way less makeup than you used to. Butnot wearing makeup it’s not synonymous with not needing to cleanse!


You already know going tobed with your makeup on is an absolute NO, but makeup is not the only thingtrapped inside your pores! As citizens of the world we collect oils, dirt, andtoxins in our skin on a daily basis, and they’re just or even more damaging foryour skin than makeup. You can of course go for a simpler routine if you like,but make sure to keep it a goal to never skip on cleansing before bed!

Let us know if you end up adding any of these to your list! And makesure to check out Neogen’s website all through January, as we’ll be releasing 4 deals - each in every week for only 25 days, so you can kick off the year with bright, healthy,and plump skin!