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Welcoming Neogen's new muse - Jiyoo & Yoohyeon from Dreamcatcher~! We are entering a new voyage this 2023 - introducing you Jiyoo's boyfriend set 6. This set consist of The Real Charcoal Pad, The Real Panthenol Serum, Sur medic Azulene UV Tone Up Sun Primer and The Real Nicacinamide Serum. Keep on reading to learn more. 💜


Real Charcoal Pad 150ml (60 pads) 

Double the exfoliating effect with 
Bamboo Charcoal Pad + Peeling Essence 

NEOGEN DERMALOGY Real Black Charcoal Pads is a pad that specializes in pore care, as it balances the oil and water levels of the skin while purifying the pores thanks to clean ingredients such as Bamboo Charcoal, Canadian Glacial Soil clay, Hungarian Moor Mud and Peat Water.


100% environmentally friendly Cellulose material.

Helps balance the skin from harmful environments by emitting irons.

Reduces stress and calms the skin, helping blood circulation and radiating far-infrared radiation.


Real Hyal Panthenol Serum (30ml)

Neogen Dermalogy Real Hyal Panthenol Serum is a powerhouse of hydration, designed to deeply nourish the skin with D-Panthenol, 10 types of Vitamins and 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid. Ideal for sensitive skin and perfect for anyone who is looking to boost their skin's moisture levels. 


What is D-Panthenol?

It is a chemical substance that is a combination of water-soluble Vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic Acid. These ingredients are known to penetrate deep into the epidermis moisturizing not only the skin barrier but the layers within.  

SUR.MEDIC+ Mild UV Tone-up Sun Primer 50ml

All in one Tone-up + Primer + UV Protect

Tone-up and Prime Sunscreen 

A hydrating sun primer with lightweight, non-sticky texture that sits on your skin smoothening the look of pores and skin texture, boosting the longevitiy of your makeup.

All-day grip!

A sheer, lightweight, hydrating texture that helps seal makeup without making it chalky. 

Azulene Sunscreen with Soothing and Hydrating Formula 

Formulated with azulene oil from chamomile that soothes and calms sensitive skin. 

Sun Primer that hydrates and protects the skin from UV rays. 

Brighten and improve dullness with purple tone primer 

It uses a non-chalky, purple tone primer to immediately brighten up dull skin and correct skin tone to it's most natural state. 


Real Niacinamide Serum (30ml) 

The synergy effect of 15% of niacinamide, arbutin, ferulic acid, and vitamin B improves not only external blemishes but also deeper layers of the skin. This smoothens out the mottled skin and fills the dull skin with vitality !

Niacinamide and zinc ingredients are used to control excessive sebum production and improve uneven skin by reducing dull and stretched pores, blackheads and white heads.  

Approved by the Korea Vegan Certification Standards and Skin Irritation Tests, this clean beauty product is suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic formula is used to calm troubled skin effectively.

Key Ingredients


Helps prevent blemishes and freckles from appearing on the surface of the skin by blocking the transfer of melanin from the pigment-forming melanocytes!


Prevents the production of pigments by inhibiting the expression of tyrosinase - a precursor of melanin pigment!

Ferulic Acid

Protects the skin from active oxygen that stimulates melanocytes while suppressing the production of melanin pigments!